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Supporting the establishment of an innovative eCommerce

Nudge is a startup that creates and distributes personal hygiene products while encouraging responsible consumption. Its mission is to provide customers with products and services that allow them to develop healthy habits. While products are available through different sales channels, Nudge focuses its efforts on its subscription-based model offered directly on their website.



original products created, from conception to commercialisation


year of product development consulting and advisory services


B2B and B2C online sales channels


For The Planet members

Nudge Shopify Mobile


Brand identity, conceptualisation and product compliance

The Nudge team needed a hand to help develop products that met various requirements to be commercialised and distributed on different sales channels and in different geographical locations. Novatize offered guidance through the development of product labels and packaging, through the selection of product identification systems, and through product compliance research.

Prior to this technical phase, the Novatize design team also actively participated in the creation of a brand guide, thereby laying the foundation for the visual identity of the project. In a nutshell, the mandate was to help materialise the Nudge team’s vision while ensuring the product line was ready for launch on the crazy American eCommerce market.


Build an eCommerce launch strategy and provide logistics advisory services

The eCommerce strategy is at the heart of Nudge’s business model. This is why the design and development of the brand’s transactional platform on Shopify is key and represents a competitive advantage. The Shopify experience is enriched through custom design and tools such as Recharge and Klaviyo that allow the brand to nurture customer relationships. The eCommerce strategy also encompasses a variety of online sales channels, including B2B and B2C marketplaces.

To ensure a smooth launch and solid logistical operations, Novatize guided Nudge in the selection of a third party logistics provider (3PL) and helped establish a standardised order-processing system. As Nudge lends itself to both direct to consumer (D2C) and business to business models (B2B), this meant that the 3PL partner was required to adapt to both realities.

Nudge Shopify Desktop
Nudge Brand Identity


A good head start

As of 2022, Nudge is experiencing steady growth and has the wind in its sails. The services provided by Novatize’s design and logistics departments allow Nudge to tackle new business and product development worry-free.

Imagine the challenge that is commercialising new personal hygiene products in a market as complex as the United States. It’s monumental! The help that Novatize provided allowed us to prevent several product development mistakes. Their team helped us make choices that improve our daily operations and build credibility.

Mathieu Comeau

eCommerce Coordinator - Nudge