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Parmi Lifewear

An advertising strategy to drive up a new brand

Parmi Lifewear is a versatile clothing and accessories company, from the outdoors to the city, with a modern and inclusive look. Its main showcase is on the Web, but products are also available in specialized retail outlets, carefully selected to reflect the brand’s image that convey Parmi’s values and bring credibility to customers in the marketplace.

Parmi’s aim is to offer clothing that is suitable for sports, everyday wear and the great outdoors. The very first collection includes t-shirts, shirts, merino neck crews, coats, shorts and pants, cycling apparel and accessories, all designed to match each other through their compatible, timeless color tones. By combining high-quality raw materials and versatile cuts, Parmi clothing focus on offering its customers sustainable pieces, thus promoting responsible consumption habits. Parmi aims to simplify the customer experience by suggesting products with which outdoor enthusiasts can do more with less.



products available in sizes XS to XL and in 3-4 colors each


visitors in the first 2 months 

2.6M +

advertising impressions for launch



Support the Parmi brand in its launch strategy 

Novatize helps position Parmi primarily through its advertising placements and strategic input to lay a solid foundation to propel the brand forward. Novatize’s team of eCommerce experts supports Parmi’s launch advertising strategy across Canada.


Demonstrate Parmi's value proposition

In the first phase, the goal is to increase awareness of Parmi among its target audience, and to improve the way the company addresses and reaches out to consumers. The aim is to raise awareness of the brand, its purpose and its added value, using a variety of carefully chosen contact points and messages.



A promising launch

In its first weeks on the market, over 2.6 million impressions were generated via various platforms. More than 35,000 visits were made to the site in the first weeks of launch. The Parmi team is therefore starting its online marketing with a solid foundation for controlled growth.

“The Novatize team helped us design and implement a strategy in line with our values and ambitions. Thanks to all those who are part of the Parmi adventure!”.

Véronik Bastien

Cofounder - Parmi Lifewear