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peel 3d

Build a strategic MVP to reach a smaller time-to-market.

Tightly managing budget ratios between strategy, technology and marketing optimizes returns.

Optimize return


Return on investment after 12 months


Conversion rate


New countries reached

Peel 3d - tablet

peel 3d

Affordable and professional 3d scanning

Creaform is a world-class company founded in 2002. They develop, manufacture and distribute innovative portable 3D measurement technologies, and are a leading provider of 3D engineering services. Their products and services are being used worldwide by more than 2500 clients from various industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, consumer products, research & education, NDT, heavy industries and power generation.

peel 3d is a project powered by Creaform/AMETEK, the world leader in 3D scanners for businesses. The goal behind peel 3d: offer an affordable, yet high-quality 3d scanner to consumers and small businesses who can benefit from this technology to accelerate their growth.


Isolation as a strategy

To reach a larger and international market, Creaform/AMETEK inc. isolated the project peel 3d to give it a completely independent brand, life and potential. Novatize was trusted to bring technological solutions and global eCommerce strategy to properly launch the product worldwide.

peel 3d scanner
Car 3d scan


Simple eCommerce technology and targeted marketing

Technological and marketing budget ratios were tightly managed to ensure an optimized return on investment. The Shopify platform was selected for this project as we needed a solution that offered quick development tools, fast deployment and efficient performance tracking for digital marketing investments. When the platform was up and running, a marketing budget was immediately allocated to generate a return on investment. The numbers spoke for themselves.


Don't go all bananas about it

Marketing strategies focused on consumer education reached a global market rapidly and allowed to target specific regions where the product attracted more consumers. A stunning 5x return on investment after 12 months was observed. The brand was quickly noticed in the community and rose quickly to become one of the most coveted by consumers.

Our collaboration with Novatize is focused on a good synergy, data-driven strategies, planned budgets and iteration. A clear project vision is shared and allows us to leverage great opportunities.

François Leclerc

Head of peel 3d initiative - peel 3d