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Tout cuit

Ensure customer loyalty with seamless eCommerce experience

Moving fast is a must in a competitive industry. Our team works closely with Tout Cuit to bring value rapidly with a clear digital plan.

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Tout Cuit

Cooked meals delivered at your door. offers high-quality food delivered directly to your door. Built and evolving within the largest catering group in Quebec, the family business works with chefs who have health, freshness and flavor at the heart of their priorities.


Penetrate the market, fast.

When creating this new brand, the client knew there was already fierce competition on the market. This is why we needed a solid transactional platform quickly with a launch strategy that would allow us to tackle the already crowded food delivery industry.

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A Shopify powered eCommerce with niche targeted advertising

The technology and marketing budget ratios have been closely managed to ensure an optimized return on investment. The Shopify platform was selected for this project because we needed a solution that offered optimized development tools, rapid deployment, and effective performance monitoring for digital marketing investments. When the platform was operational, a marketing budget was immediately allocated to generate a return on investment. The numbers speak for themselves.


Strategy and evolution

The strategy around the design of the user experience has been thought and applied to allow a constant evolution of the content based on popular products and new collections to optimize the conversion rate. In addition, customer acquisition strategies through niche product launches were implemented using third-party tools in order to quickly acquire and convert potential customers.

Working with the team at Novatize allowed us to quickly become a leader in our market. They truly know how to leverage digital opportunities and reach the good market.

Alexandre Lépine

General manager - Le Groupe Je Reçois

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