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A personalized eCommerce marketing strategy

Founded in Quebec in 2015 by Andréanne Marquis, Womance is an online boutique offering a variety of fashion and lifestyle products. The brand stands out for its diversity of products, both designed in-house and sourced from other Quebec companies, as well as its second-hand clothing resale platform.

Since its creation, Womance has evolved by increasing its physical presence through the concept of ephemeral boutiques in Quebec, before establishing itself online and operating two physical boutiques in Brossard and Quebec City, offering a new experience to its customers. The Quebec brand has become a benchmark for women looking for comfortable, trendy products, continuing its evolution through eCommerce and physical outlets.


ROAS for 2023


ROAS for UGC campaigns



A wide range of high-performance marketing campaigns

Novatize’s mandate was to optimize the performance of campaigns on different platforms, while personalizing newsletters for customers. Using Web advertising and newsletters, Novatize reinforced the brand’s strategic positioning. The integration of campaigns using user-generated content (UGC) made advertising interactive, adding a key dimension to their sales strategy. The email marketing strategy aimed to improve customer retention and synergize with marketing efforts on social networks to better understand their preferences prior to launches.


A combination of email marketing, UGC and acquisition

Working with the Novatize team, Womance set up personalized ads based on customer preferences for the upcoming launch. Entry points to the newsletters were adapted according to the type of products searched out. Even before the launch, newsletter subscribers received discounts and product recommendations tailored to their preferences. This collaboration created strategic cohesion and an improved shopping experience for the brand’s customers.

The use of an article featuring the founder in Le Soleil newspaper reinforced the company’s credibility in the eyes of consumers. The ads linked directly to the article, which contained links to the boutique. Although this technique is rarely used, it nevertheless paid off for the company. UGC content also helped highlight products in Meta ads, boosting conversion and enabling the Quebec-based brand to collaborate with local designers.



Constant eCommerce growth

The various strategies implemented by Novatize’s experts have enabled Womance to post continuous growth throughout 2023, with tangible results. Optimizing newsletter flows has helped the company to better understand its customer base and develop concrete strategies for the years ahead.

“Working with Novatize has been a rewarding experience for our in-house team. Their in-depth knowledge of current trends has consistently impressed us. Always on the forefront, they provided us with valuable recommendations for improving our online platform”.

Anne-Sophie Lebel

Marketing and Branding Coordinator - Womance