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Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce. It's the way a company interacts with its customers, whether it's answering questions, handling a complaint or providing additional information. Good communication and positive interactions with customers are essential for creating a good brand image and generating sales.

Novatize can help you to :

• Analyze and diagnose your eCommerce customer service process;
• Manage and optimize the various communication channels with your customers (e.g. Gorgias);
• Implement and optimize intelligent automated chat (e.g. Heyday);
• Managing returns and refunds;
• Implement technological solutions to limit interactions with your customers and facilitate the internal process;
• Implementation of an efficient customer support system;
• Creation of informative content (e.g. size chart, FAQ, technical data sheet, etc.);
• Development of a customer satisfaction measurement and review program;
• And much more!

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