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03 Oct 2022

A highly awaited new Shopify feature for merchants: Shopify Translate & Adapt

A highly awaited new Shopify feature for merchants: Shopify Translate & Adapt

In the past few years, multilingualism and translation were a major lack of Shopify. Merchants who sell in multiple markets or Quebec merchants who need to present content in multiple languages are in for a treat with the latest new features announced by Shopify. In August 2022, Shopify officially launched the Shopify Translate & Adapt application. This new feature is a major game changer for online store administrators. This means that using third-party apps like Languify or Weglot will no longer be the only option for merchants who market in multiple languages.


Since the launch of Shopify Markets in 2021, over 175,000 merchants have already used it to improve their internationalization strategy.

What is Shopify Translate & Adapt?

Shopify Translate & Adapt is a free app available in the Shopify App Store. This app works in cooperation with Shopify Markets. It allows you to adapt the user’s experience according to their location.


Specifically, it allows you to: 

  • Activate languages for each of your markets
  • Import and manage your own manual translations
  • Add up to two automatically translated languages for free
  • Use the editor to view your original content when editing your translations
  • Apply ad-hoc translations using the online store theme editor
  • Manage your entire Shopify business in a native, user-friendly environment*.

What are the benefits of Shopify Translate & Adapt?

  • Improve user experience and satisfaction by presenting content in their language and culture
  • Increase store conversion rates by
  • Editing and validating translations in the editor
  • Increase your SEO score in the languages of our market
  • It is free (for 2 languages)
  • According to Shopify, a user journey with relevant local content and translation can help businesses increase their gross merchandise sales (GMV) by 13%.

Novatize’s team of eCommerce experts is currently testing this new application to learn its strengths and limitations. Any new technology requires a phase of testing and improvement. 


To learn more about what’s new in Shopify Markets and internationalization strategies with Shopify: 



📞 +1 844 932 6682


📍101-750 Charest Est, Québec, G1K 3J7


* Source

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