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12 Sep 2022

TikTok introduces 3 new types of shopping ads placements

TikTok introduces 3 new types of shopping ads placements

Advertisers will soon be able to benefit from three new ad placements on TikTok: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads & Live Shopping Ads. The only downside? Canadian businesses only have access to one of these placements for now: Video Shopping Ads. Although there is no date to put on your calendar for access to all the new features, we’ll go over them.

Video Shopping Ads

First of all, we have the Video Shopping Ads that are available for testing in all the countries where TikTok is present. This type of placement will allow us to dynamically combine video creatives and product cards in the “For You” section. Obviously, as the algorithm collects data, it will be able to dynamically optimize the combinations based on performance. Video Shopping Ads will be very useful to integrate its products in the trends of the moment and contextualize them for the consumer. Of course, there will be a photo of the product, its price and a call to action that will incite the purchase. When the user clicks on the product, TikTok will redirect them to an in-app landing page to better understand their purchase intent. When the user is ready to buy, they will be redirected to the company’s website to complete the transaction.



Catalog listing ads

Then, the platform offers us Catalog Listing Ads, which are inspired by the catalog ads found on Facebook. Contrary to all other placements currently available, TikTok Shopping does not require the creation of a video to promote its catalog. In fact, it will be possible to use only product images taken from its catalog. It will be possible to put forward products that the advertiser will have chosen in these catalogs and users will be able to browse them without having to leave the platform. For the moment, this feature is only available in the United States. This type of placement will be very relevant in order to discover a wide variety of products and generate sales.


Live Shopping

Finally, Live Shopping will allow you to put a product in action live. It will be the perfect moment to demonstrate the authenticity of the brand and to answer in real time to the users’ questions. It will be possible to put forward the product during the live with an image, the price and a call to action. Users will be redirected to a collection page to discover a wider range of similar or complementary products. Whether it’s live videos made by the brand or by content creators, this will increase engagement, demonstrate authenticity and generate unplanned purchases.


In Conclusion

TikTok Shopping is showing more and more enthusiasm for e-commerce and it won’t be surprising to see new features focused on this in the coming time. The only question that remains is: when will these new features be available in Canada?



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