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Marketing strategy & growth

Our eCommerce experts align with your business goals to maximize your return on investment. We bring value to your most trusted asset: your eCommerce ecosystem.

Our commitment

Ongoing support and advice

At Novatize, we do things a bit differently – and it works. Each customer has their own eCommerce expert dedicated to their success. With a deep understanding of the most popular eCommerce platforms and having implemented proven effective marketing strategies, this new best friend of yours has only one purpose: to bring added value to the table and help you reach your goals.

  1. Analysis and planning

    We assess your business performance and deliver clear insights with a timeline and budget that meet your expectations and goals.

    • Competitor eCommerce analysis
    • Sales funnel benchmark
    • User experience analysis
    • SEO and awareness reporting
    • Ongoing marketing strategy audit
    • Overall performance analysis
  2. Implementation

    It’s time to get our hands dirty and set everything up to make sure you get that return on investment.

    • Advanced analytics
    • Heatmapping and survey analysis
    • Marketing automation setup
    • Online advertising campaign setup
    • Multichannel data integration
  3. Optimization

    We nurture a close relationship with you to generate growth in an ever-evolving economy.

    • Advertising optimization
    • SEO optimization
    • Marketing automation
    • Platform feature development
    • Market expansion

What we use

State-of-the-art analytics and execution tools

Working with qualitative and quantitative analytical tools helps us understand what works and what doesn’t. We then execute strategies based on relevant data to maximize ROI.