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Our implicationSustainability

Novatize is proud to be B Corp certified. Sustainability is at the heart of our values and actions. In 2020, we established an in-house sustainability committee whose mission is to ensure the implementation of the most sustainable practices within the agency. The committee is also responsible for educating and communicating concrete tactics to enable Novatize customers to improve their eCommerce practices from a sustainable perspective.

Novatize is proudly B Corp certified

Our team is proud to announce that we are officially B Corp certified! This achievement allows us to join a global community of companies who share a commitment to rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Novatize is proud to take this leadership position in terms of social and environmental impact in its sector of activity. It recognizes the challenges facing its industry, and is determined to set an example of sustainability and responsibility. By assuming this leadership role, Novatize hopes to inspire other eCommerce companies to follow its example.

  • Flexible schedule and remote work;
  • Skills development training program;
  • Concrete policies to promote work-life balance;
  • Minimum of 3 weeks vacation per year plus 5 floating vacations;
  • Group insurance including mental health services;
  • Sports allowance and free gym 24/7;
  • New office set up for collaborative work (with a stunning terrace);
  • Snack bar available anytime.
  • Carbon compensation of GHGs emitted by employees' transportation to and from the office;
  • Travel allowance for public transportation;
  • Lunch and learn sessions and blog posts to limit the impact of business on the environment;
  • A policy to promote local and eco-friendly suppliers;
  • Social and environmental value statement in Novatize's legal documents;
  • Transparent and caring management where employees are consulted on important decisions and where company numbers are shared;
  • Creation of an ethical code of conduct.
  • Volunteer involvement with community organizations in the St-Roch area.
  • Organized events for the Quebec eCommerce community to share knowledge and help each other;
  • Several donations of food, clothing and money to local organizations.
  • Volunteer work policy for the Novatize team.
  • Technology recommendations for example for its server environments
  • Advice on the most sustainable solutions and platforms
  • Sustainable logistics practices ( shipping and packaging)
  • Sustainable marketing practices
  • Education and awareness resources on the Novatize blog

For us, it is important to be involved in a constant way and in coherence with the team’s values. We can always improve our actions and do more for the planet, the community and our team. However, Novatize’s commitment does not stop with these actions. We are committed to implementing other initiatives to continuously improve our sustainable practices.