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20 Feb 2024

10 must-have Klaviyo features to improve your email marketing strategies and eCommerce results

10 must-have Klaviyo features to improve your email marketing strategies and eCommerce results

With the depreciation of third-party data, eCommerce merchants are faced with many challenges in creating digital marketing campaigns with refined, measurable targeting. eCommerce specialists are now grappling with how to deliver personalized, cost-effective experiences, while adapting ad targeting capabilities. Email and SMS marketing are the most common strategies where first-party data can be used and monetized. 

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Novatize’s email marketing software partner Klaviyo is a must-have for eCommerce merchants who want their email and SMS strategies to be transactional. The importance and value of your data assets will ensure the sustainability of your marketing strategies. Here are 10 tools to help you perform better.

1. Email AI

It’s now possible for your company’s marketers to use artificial intelligence to do the copywriting for newsletters and email marketing. In a matter of seconds, generative AI can create relevant email content based on your data, enabling you to plan and send your campaign much faster. AI support also extends to segment creation. For example, if you want to group all the subscribers who have purchased your products in the last year into a segment, you can call on AI assistance to build the segment, simplifying the management of your target audience. For larger accounts, with a minimum of 400,000 subscribers, Klaviyo also offers AI assistance in optimizing subscription forms. The platform tests and determines the most effective behaviors to encourage more people to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, thanks to AI, it’s now possible to provide lists or categories of products to each subscriber based on their purchase or browsing history, for maximum personalization. Last but not least, the new AI support function can assist you with many other tasks, such as choosing the winning version in an A/B test and sending it to the remaining subscribers, guiding the account warm-up process, choosing the best time to send a newsletter, and so on. Please note that you will only be able to access this new feature if you have a paid subscription to the Klaviyo platform.

2. Notifications mobiles push

Klaviyo’s mobile push notifications let you reach your customers instantly and engagingly by notifying them directly on their mobile devices. Thanks to this integration, you can now use your customers’ behavior and data to create relevant mobile push notifications, and provoke omnichannel experiences by integrating mobile push messages into your email or text message marketing strategy that are triggered from a flow. Push notifications enable you to drive engagement, win back customers, recover abandoned shopping baskets and, in some cases, create a sense of urgency for product sales. What’s more, there’s no deliverability issue with push notifications, unlike SMS and email, which could end up in your customers’ spam folders. Keep in mind that it’s important to vary your messages according to the delivery platform chosen (email or SMS).

3. SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a Klaviyo feature that lets you send SMS (text) messages to your customers. Whether for campaigns or flows, these text messages are the best way to reach your recipients directly, with a higher open rate. Novatize advises you to set up contact forms that collect phone numbers now, in order to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Most Klaviyo packages already have some SMS credits included with the email package, so you could test an SMS strategy at no extra cost. However, it’s important to use different content from that sent by email, and to offer SMS subscribers a little more than email subscribers, since they’re doing you an extra favor by allowing you to enter an intimate channel. Note that it’s a good idea to keep sending e-mails to SMS subscribers so that they can see for themselves the differences in content and the advantages of being SMS subscribers.

4. The Virtual Contact Card

The virtual contact card is commonly known as the VCC. It’s a card that lets you create a contact card in your company’s name. This way, when recipients receive your SMS messages, they receive them in your company’s name, rather than from an unknown number. Not only does this prevent our SMS from being identified as spam, it is also better perceived by customers and gives them the chance to add you to their contacts. It also personalizes the text message they receive, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

5. Segmented campaign analysis

Klaviyo offers a campaign performance reporting function that allows you to analyze campaigns by segment. With this function, you can now send the same campaign to several lists or segments, in order to compare performance with different groups of recipients. With the Audience Breakdown Tab, you can get statistics on your different groups in one place. This way, you can see which type of content is suitable for which audience, and plan your strategies for the months ahead.

6. Google Ads’ Integration

It’s now possible to link your Klaviyo platform to your Google Ads platform. This long-awaited integration lets you use Klaviyo’s data on your consumers’ browsing activity, purchasing activity and engagement with your company to take your Google Ads to a whole new level. So you don’t have to wander between platforms, which saves you time. You’ll also have the opportunity to improve your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), as your ads will be better targeted to a more engaged customer base.

7. Gorgias’ Integration

Customer service should be a priority for all eCommerce merchants. Indeed, the complete experience that surrounds the purchase of a product online has greatly affected consumer behavior. That’s why Klaviyo offers Gorgias integration with its platform. With this integration, you can answer your customers’ questions following your SMS campaigns directly from the Gorgias platform. This integration can enable you to have all your text messages in one place, or send automated responses, all with the aim of helping customers as quickly as possible and improving their satisfaction.

8. Integrate a reviews application into your Klaviyo account

Klaviyo Reviews is a relatively new tool with enormous potential. By integrating a reviews application directly into your Klaviyo platform, you’ll be able to manage all your marketing communications in one place, ensuring the visual consistency of your emails. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Klaviyo’s smart sending feature, which will help you avoid over-sending your customers and risking losing their subscription. What’s more, this method will not only allow you to integrate review requests into your after-belly flows, but will also enable you to create thank-you flows that are triggered after receiving a review to encourage behavior and reward your customers. In the long term, you encourage the accumulation of reviews, which in turn encourages the conversion of other consumers. According to Klaviyo, 93% of customers want to read reviews before making a purchase. (1)

9. Benchmarks tab

The benchmarks tab in Klaviyo’s analytics section can become a truly valuable resource for your company’s marketers. This feature offers a direct comparison between your Klaviyo account and around a hundred similar accounts, referred to as “peers”. Unlike the usual comparisons with arbitrary targets or companies from different sectors, these analyses are based on companies sharing similar characteristics to yours in terms of, for example, sales, number of subscribers, industry, etc. In this way, the data provided by Klaviyo’s peers can be directly compared with your own. In this way, the data provided by benchmarks is far more meaningful and offers a more accurate perspective on your performance, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions for your email or SMS marketing strategies.

10. Meta integration (Facebook, Instagram)

This integration can enable you to generate a sharp increase in your subscriber base quickly, as well as dramatically improving the performance of your ads. In fact, you’ll be able to export your email-engaged audiences directly into your advertising account to create audiences that look like those users (Lookalike). It also allows you to have forms that collect emails automatically directed to one of your Klaviyo lists.

Finally, these tools offer you the opportunity to improve not only your eCommerce performance, but also your internal processes to avoid wasting time. By adopting approaches focused on personalization, automation and segmentation, you can maximize customer engagement, increase conversion rates and build customer loyalty. Integrating these techniques into your marketing strategy will position you well to drive business growth and stay competitive in the marketplace. Learn more about the 10 eCommerce trends to watch in 2024.


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