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01 Jun 2023

Mirakl Connect : Reinvent your business with marketplaces – Sell, Diversify, Reach!

Mirakl Connect : Reinvent your business with marketplaces – Sell, Diversify, Reach!

Marketplaces have revolutionized the world of online commerce, offering businesses the opportunity to sell their products to a wide audience while diversifying their offering. It’s estimated that global sales volume on online marketplaces will reach $7.63 billion by 2024. Leading marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart attract hundreds of millions of active customers, offering businesses unrivaled visibility. In this dynamic world, Mirakl Connect stands out as the key solution, offering the possibility not only to integrate existing marketplaces, but also to create your own eCommerce platform. In this article, we take a look at Mirakl Connect and how it can help you maximize sales, diversify your business and shine in the marketplace.

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What is Mirakl Connect?

Mirakl Connect is the global leader in marketplace solutions, offering businesses an advanced technological platform for integrating and managing online marketplaces. The core of their solution is a revolutionary one that allows companies to create and develop their own personalized marketplace. This functionality provides the flexibility that enables brands to create a unique shopping experience for their customers, offering not only their own products, but also a selection of products from other sellers. This gives merchants the ability to differentiate themselves, broaden their offer and generate new sources of revenue. The platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers, including Unilever, Puma, Yves Rocher, Rains and many more.

How do I integrate Mirakl Connect?

Mirakl Connect offers brands advanced functionality through its connectors and APIs, making it easy to connect to a wide range of popular marketplaces. Pre-built connectors enable rapid integration with renowned platforms, while APIs offer additional flexibility and customization. Merchants can benefit from seamless integration with established partners, simplifying operations and maximizing available features. 

Mirakl Connect simplifies day-to-day operations for sellers with its centralized interface. This interface offers a complete, unified overview of all key aspects of the business, such as product catalogs, inventory, prices and orders. Centralized management allows brands to save time and efficiency by avoiding switching between different platforms and systems. They can easily update and synchronize product information, control stock levels, adjust prices in line with market fluctuations, and process orders seamlessly. Centralized operations management provides total control and real-time insight, enabling brands to make informed decisions, optimize performance and deliver a consistent shopping experience to their customers.

What are the benefits of Mirakl Connect?

Collaboration between sellers

Mirakl Connect gives merchants access to a user base already established on marketplaces, enabling them to reach new customers without having to invest in traffic acquisition. By connecting to Mirakl Connect marketplaces, brands can collaborate with other sellers to stimulate growth and expand their network of customers by selling on other sellers’ marketplaces. This collaborative strategy also makes it possible to share the costs and risks of online operations. 


Visibility and reach

By using Mirakl Connect, eCommerce brands can benefit from the power of Mirakl’s network of marketplaces, while maintaining their distinct brand and identity. By collaborating with other sellers on the platform, brands can develop strategic relationships with other players in the eCommerce ecosystem and leverage their expertise to reach new customers. The combination of collaboration with other sellers and the user base already established on Mirakl marketplaces enables merchants to accelerate their online growth and benefit from greater visibility, thus increasing their potential revenues.

Brand recognition and offer diversification

By developing a proprietary marketplace, brands can showcase their products and distinct value proposition, boosting brand recognition and establishing a direct relationship with customers. Diversification of the offering and expansion of the product catalog are direct benefits of creating a proprietary marketplace. By integrating carefully selected sellers into their own marketplace, brands can offer a greater variety of products to their customers, meeting a wider range of needs. Also, broadening the product offering can encourage cross-selling and encourage customers to spend more time on the marketplace, increasing the chances of conversions. Learn more about upsell and cross sell.

By developing their own marketplace, brands have total control over prices, promotions and sales policies, enabling them to maximize their sales.

In conclusion, Mirakl Connect is a powerful solution for eCommerce businesses looking to develop their presence on marketplaces and reach new customers. With an established user base and the ability to collaborate with other sellers on the platform, Mirakl Connect offers unique opportunities for growth and expansion. Successful examples from major brands such as Macy’s, The Bay and Best Buy demonstrate how the platform has enabled these brands to successfully create and develop their own personalized marketplaces, extending their offer, reinforcing their brand image and generating new revenue streams. If you’re interested in developing your own customized marketplace or collaborating with other sellers on the Mirakl Connect platform, please explore the many options this innovative solution can offer your business!


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