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01 Nov 2022

Monolith or MACH Ecosystem?

Monolithic Architecture


While you may not be familiar with the word monolithic, chances are you are using this structure today or have used this structure in the past. This is the basic template that Shopify, Magento or many other CMS’s offer you. That is, a platform that handles the entire user experience. A monolithic architecture is a software architecture in which the different components of an application are integrated into a single software unit. This architecture is relatively simple to implement and manage but can become very complex as the application evolves.

From the content to the interface and all the plugins it offers, the monolithic platform is a simple digital strategy to develop new features quickly, and more affordably.


What type of business is the monolithic architecture for?

As its definition suggests, the monolithic platform is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses and teams operating in a primary geographic market, with one main sales channel, their website, and a small internal team that manages the content and maintenance of the platform.

The monolithic architecture is for companies that have a small team of developers. This technological ecosystem is generally composed of three-thirds: a user interface, a business application and a database.


What are the advantages of the monolithic architecture?

Monolithic architecture is an approach to software development in which an application is built as a single entity. This approach offers several benefits, including greater flexibility, simplicity and integration. Your in-house team will be able to quickly deploy and test new strategies on their own at lower costs. Documentation is often at hand and knowledge transfers very well, especially since this structure is often very similar from one company to another.

MACH architecture and ecosystem


Unlike the monolith, the MACH ecosystem is defined as several components that make up the best-fit ecosystem, or at least that is the philosophy behind it. MACH stands for: Microservices, API, Cloud and Headless. These are the principles behind which the team operates in order to build, maintain and evolve the organization’s omnichannel eCommerce experience.

For example, instead of using Shopify’s search, they use a search engine like Algolia or Coveo. Instead of using a theme, you build a front-end application that connects to the eCommerce platform.


What type of business is the MACH architecture for?

The MACH architecture is designed for companies that need a solid, scalable and flexible platform to develop and deploy their eCommerce functionalities. This architecture is particularly well suited for companies that need to connect to multiple systems and manage large amounts of data. This infrastructure is most optimal for organizations that have an internal or external team with multiple stakeholders that need to contribute to the project or project evolution. Organizations that want to expand internationally and need to deliver a market-driven experience as well as companies that want to optimize their data management, technological performance and reliability.


What are the benefits of the MACH architecture?

In terms of teaming, the MACH infrastructure allows multiple people to work on different parts of the ecosystem at the same time and makes the management of products, content and environments independent. From a technological point of view, you will be able to get the best out of each of the coveted functionalities while having a much longer platform lifespan, as it will be segmented according to the chosen microservices. Moreover, you will be able to test and phase the development of your ecosystem more easily.

The MACH architecture in eCommerce allows a better use of resources, a greater flexibility in the management of tasks and a better scalability.

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How to choose between monolithic or MACH architecture for your eCommerce?


The good news is that there is a happy medium between a monolithic platform and the MACH ecosystem that allows you to transition gradually without having to absorb a large cost of change or implementation.

Keep in mind that large eCommerce solution development companies are moving quickly to the MACH strategy to make it accessible. So it’s a good time to start thinking about it for your business.

In order to make the right choice, look at your current situation and visualize your business three years from now. Your geographic reach, the size of your team and the evolution of your business model will guide your choice.

Are you considering a technological transition to a MACH ecosystem? Download the free white paper: How to plan your MACH eCommerce project


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