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27 Jul 2023

eCommerce Performance in Canada in 2023: Insights by Industry

eCommerce Performance in Canada in 2023: Insights by Industry

Dive into the heart of eCommerce performance in Canada for the first half of 2023 with our exclusive report. Prepared by our team of eCommerce experts, this report provides a detailed analysis of KPIs and average results across different industries in the Canadian eCommerce landscape. It offers invaluable insights to help industry players make informed decisions and stay competitive in the Canadian market.


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Understanding trends and key performance indicators in the eCommerce sector is crucial for adapting to changing consumer behaviors since the 2020 pandemic and capitalizing on opportunities three years later. Our report empowers merchants to conduct in-depth comparative analysis and make more informed business decisions in an ever-evolving environment.


Key data presented in this report includes average conversion rates, average page views, average cart additions, and much more. These critical performance indicators enable merchants to assess their position in the industry and compare themselves with their competitors, gaining a better understanding of their overall performance.


The report will cover the results of the following industries for Q1 and Q2 of 2023 (January to June):


→ Pets

→ Food

→ Automotive

→ Sports Equipment

→ Outdoor Maintenance

→ Tools

→ Household Products

→ Hardware and Materials

→ Beauty Care


By analyzing industry-specific performances, merchants can obtain relevant information to tailor their business strategies and seize opportunities in the Canadian online market.


This comprehensive report is an invaluable resource for all eCommerce professionals in Canada in 2023. Providing a comparative analysis by industry, it offers unique perspectives on the current online commerce landscape. To remain competitive in this ever-changing environment, understanding key trends and performances in the sector is crucial.


Do not hesitate to download our complete report now to benefit from these essential insights and unlock the full potential of the Canadian market

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