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14 Mar 2023

5 New Shopify Features Every eCommerce Manager Should Know About

5 New Shopify Features Every eCommerce Manager Should Know About

Are you looking for the latest technologies and trends to improve your eCommerce business? Shopify, the industry leader, is constantly innovating and coming up with new features that help businesses with an online business grow. Discover in this article 5 new Shopify features that every eCommerce manager should know about.

Shopify’s Metaobjects

Shopify’s metaobjects are the various data of a store, such as products, collections, orders and customers. They provide a flexible and extensible way to manipulate and harvest data, allowing web developers to customize store functionality to meet the needs of merchants. It is now possible to aggregate information from various metaobjects into a single field, allowing for better data management and integration on one’s eCommerce.

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Shopify’s One-Page Checkout

The new checkout (one-page checkout) contains fewer fields to fill out and fewer page downloads. It builds on Shop Pay‘s proven conversion events to create a faster, more intuitive and efficient shopping experience to increase conversion rates.

Shopify continues to invest in this new checkout to integrate more apps and features, including promotions, payment, logistics and delivery. Gradually moving away from checkout.liquid, Shopify plans to permanently abandon the feature starting in August 2024.

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Shopify’s Bulk Editing Tool

Although the term metafields sounds complex, it is simple to understand and accessible to everyone. Shopify metafields are customizable fields that require no code, and allow you to add additional information to a Shopify store in an effort to meet the unique needs of each business. Previously, metafields had to be painstakingly configured, but now it’s possible to do multiple at once with the Bulk Editing Tool.

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Hydrogen 2 (built with Remix)

We already know it, composable commerce is one of the biggest trends in online commerce. Shopify joins the party with tools like Commerce Components and Hydrogen 2. This new update to Hydrogen with Remix allows you to build more customized, powerful and dynamic eCommerce stores. 

Hydrogen 2 features a new API that simplifies queries, starter templates, an improved CLI to speed up building and optimizing Remix components.

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Shopify Functions and custom checkout

Shopify Functions allows eCommerces that are not Shopify+ members to customize their checkout, as currently offered by the Script Editor for Shopify+ merchants. Merchants can use the checkout page editor to customize the user experience with the ability to develop new, easily reusable features that are not natively available on the platform. 

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