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12 Jun 2023

Work-life balance at Novatize

Work-life balance at Novatize

At Novatize, we’re a close-knit team, but we avoid saying we’re a family. Simply because we know that every team member has a family too, and we want to ensure a balance between work and family. We understand that an employee will be happier, and possibly even more successful, if he or she is given the opportunity to have a balanced life. Our vision of work-life balance therefore aims to enable individuals to combine their professional and family responsibilities, by offering them support and flexibility measures to promote their well-being, personal fulfillment and performance both at work and in their personal lives.

What work-life balance measures are in place at Novatize?

We have put in place a Work-Family Balance (WFB) guide to present our commitment as an employer, but also to offer tools and conditions that enable team members to flourish. 

Workplace and time management  

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Adapted meeting schedule;
  • Temporary or permanent reduction in working hours;
  • Work spread over two weeks;
  • Compressed week & summer schedule;
  • Working from home;
  • Digital working nomad.

Leave for family/personal responsibilities

  • 5 splittable personal leaves;
  • Possibility to split vacation;
  • 3 consecutive weeks of vacation (upon hiring!);
  • Possibility of adding unpaid time off to vacation.

Support for employees and their families

  • Group insurance, 50% paid by employer;
  • Retirement savings plan (RRSP);
  • Telemedicine;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP);
  • Snacks and breakfast;
  • Health and active living allowance.

Adaptability at Novatize

  • Novatize offers a 50% discount on bus passes, and the same value will be granted for parking when traveling by car;
  • The right to disconnect.

How is your parental leave going at Novatize?

“The flexibility and support of the team from the moment I announced I was going on parental leave immediately gave me confidence on how things would run during my absence. The HR team informed me about the financial aspects of parental leave and was able to answer all my questions. I was even offered the flexibility of continuing to work a few hours to keep up with my priority customers. As a new dad, I want to make the most of these precious moments with my baby, but it’s good to talk to people who answer me with complete words and sentences from time to time!” 

Jean-Alexandre Goulet, eCommerce Advisor and father

What’s it like to return to work after parental leave at Novatize?

“Coming back to work went really well from my first day. My team leader had set aside time to ensure a good onboarding back on the different projects I was assigned or on those I had put aside when I left. The team and my colleagues were there to support me and give me time to get back on track with my assignments and keep me informed of their progress while I was away. At Novatize, I’m allowed to work from home whenever I want, and I consider it a real luxury to be able to work while sharing time with my daughter on a daily basis. Working from home with a young baby brings its own challenges, but I have super understanding colleagues who support me when I need it. Also, having ‘family-friendly’ activities organized by Novatize has given me the opportunity to introduce my daughter to the whole team, which is always a good time, whether it’s at the beginning of a happy hour or on our amazing sunny terrace.”

Thorgal Creuze, UX Specialist and father

What advantages do you enjoy on a daily basis at Novatize that make your role as a mom easier?

“The advantage I enjoy the most is the flexible schedule. The fact that I can adjust my schedule to suit my family obligations takes a huge amount of stress off me. For example, on days that I have to pick up the kids from school, I start earlier. Also, Novatize’s flexible leave arrangements allow me to take time off for my sons’ school days or sports competitions. This way, these days are paid for, and I don’t have to cut into my vacation time or take time off at my own expense. As far as vacations are concerned, we can take up to three consecutive weeks, which is very interesting in a family context. As a mother, I want to make the most of summer with my children. In addition to the flexible time, we also have a summer schedule. So, during the summer season, on Fridays I can take the afternoon off and extend my weekend!”

Jennifer Sévigny, Accounting technician and mother

What are Novatize’s commitments to its team?

“Novatize is committed to continuously improving the work-life balance of its employees. This commitment takes the form of creating favorable conditions, listening carefully to employee’s needs and providing ongoing training to managers to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits offered and the process for using them. We listen to our team and make sure that the right conditions are in place for everyone to find their balance. In fact, we’re proud to have been named one of the ‘best workplaces in Canada’.”

Luce Anne Desmeules, HR Manager 

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