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A leading manufacturer that performs well on Amazon Vendor

Garant has been a leading manufacturer of non-powered tools and accessories for gardening, construction, cleaning, and snow removal for many generations. Both professionals and amateurs have been using its products for 125 years. Garant tools stand out for their practical and innovative features, but also for their reasonable price and durability.

Garant joined Amazon a few years ago through the Vendor program. This opportunity allowed the seller to develop a new distribution partner and to diversify its sales channels. Amazon is a powerful platform for acquiring new customers. In fact, more than 80% of Canadians have purchased a brand for the first time through Amazon, therefore allowing Garant to promote its tools outside of hardware stores.


$1 000 000

in sales on Amazon



30 000+

orders per year


conversion rate on Amazon

Oatbox Shopify Plus Platform


A healthy growth on Amazon Vendor

As a partner, Novatize’s goal is to support Garant in its brand development on Amazon. Our team is consulted regularly for adding new products, producing visual content, assisting brand development and assuring traffic acquisition. Novatize’s marketplace experts are also in charge of Garant’s advertising campaigns (PPC).


Performance of advertising campaigns

The goals of the partnership are mainly to acquire traffic and increase sales by optimizing various advertising campaigns. Specifically, the team wants to maintain the conversion rate over 6.8%, increase revenues by more than 17%, and increase the number of product and store impressions.

Oatbox Shopify Plus Platform
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A challenging journey with very satisfying results

Selling on marketplaces can be a challenge, and Garant faced several external limitations in the last few months, but the goals have been reached. Thanks to the good selection of products, the adequate use of the tools that Amazon offers to sellers, as well as a thought-out advertising strategy. It is important to regularly renew and review acquisition tactics. This collaboration has allowed Garant not only to meet its sales goals, but also to grow through its presence in the gardening and home tools categories. Garant has a very promising future in the marketplaces.

“Garant could not have achieved its sales and growth goals without the expertise of Novatize’s team. Their knowledge of Amazon and its multiple tools as well as their agility in adapting to the various ups and downs of online sales make them a partner of choice for any company that wants to grow on this marketplace.”

Caroline White

ECommerce Product Manager - Garant