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Becoming a trendsetter through eCommerce strategy

Lambert is a Quebec-based company that produces various bags and accessories made from vegan leather that are both chic and multifunctional. At the head of Lambert is a determined woman who strives to encourage thoughtful, cruelty-free purchasing. The brand’s growth is supported by the eCommerce strategy, the flagship store in Montreal and a wide network of retailers.


~ 250


3 000

transactions on average each month


average Return On Ad Spend


eCommerce sales growth since partnering with Novatize

Lambert Emma Sage


360 Support and Advice

Novatize is a strategic growth partner for Lambert. The agency provides support for their acquisition marketing strategy, their customer retention and loyalty strategy, as well as providing guidance for their logistics and operations. Novatize also helps guide Lambert on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. Furthermore, our eCommerce advisors assist in the maintenance and optimization of the eCommerce platform through Shopify Plus. Finally, Novatize also develops marketing automation strategies (Klaviyo and omnichannel chatbots), affiliate marketing strategies, as well as ensuring the continuous improvement of the customer experience (UI, UX).


Become the Canadian Leader in Sustainable Fashion

Lambert strives to position itself as the Canadian leader and trendsetter in the ethical fashion industry. In order to achieve this goal, Lambert must provide an impeccable and competitive eCommerce experience. Novatize’s implication is crucial in supporting the growth and hype around this unique and innovative brand.

Lambert Holiday Life
Lambert Gabrielle Tan


eCommerce Success as a Springboard

Novatize ensured that Lambert was equipped with all the necessary tools for exceptional eCommerce growth. By leveraging the brand’s notoriety in Quebec, Lambert experienced a close to 150% sales increase in other Canadian provinces, and an impressive return on investment.

With now an average of 750 bags sold weekly, Lambert can afford to set new ambitious growth objectives and establish itself as a leader in the ethical sales industry.

Our relationship began amidst an online advertising crisis that the Novatize team was able to resolve. We have since developed a wonderful business relationship and Novatize has supported us throughout our growth. Our biggest challenge now is to showcase Lambert across Canada and Novatize is the ultimate partner on this journey.

Mélissa Lambert

Founder and President - Lambert