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For over 40 years, Régence has manufactured and distributed 6 security apparel brands. As an important player on the Canadian market, the business is known for its solid team and its adaptability in the ever-evolving retail industry.



brands that benefit from the Amazon Brand Registry advantages


increase in sales on Amazon Canada (2020 vs. 2021)


ROAS on Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon Advertising (2021)


parent products with complex variations and synchronised with Shopify

Régence Dunlop


Brand management and process optimisation

To increase chances of success on Amazon Seller, it is recommended to put forward products that are known to and appreciated by consumers. Régence met these requirements brilliantly. The Novatize team helped in presenting the brand catalogues on Amazon: Oshatoes, Acton, STC, Dunlop, Cofra and Wilkuro. The different product pages were optimised and synchronised with the business’ internal systems in order to simplify FBM order processing.


Build, solidify and hold the fort

Although the synchronisation of complex products and attributes and the management of several registered brands presented its load of challenges, the team formed by Novatize and Régence stayed the course. Once the implementation strategy was comfortably set, Novatize focused on growth by elaborating a marketing plan focused on Cost Per Click (CPC). Thanks to the autonomy and active involvement of the client, Novatize was able to focus on the growth and optimization of the platform.

Chaussures Régence
Régence Acton


Growth through collaboration

In less than two years, Régence’s sales increased drastically and the company also made its entry on With a sales increase of 575% since the start of 2021, we can attest to the solid relationship between Novatize and Régence.

With Novatize, communication is key. As we have a large product catalog and several brands, there is always something to be done on our Amazon accounts. Novatize is an essential partner in the maintenance and growth of these sales channels that play an increasingly important role in our B2C strategy.

Marilyne Brunet

Marketing Director - Chaussures Régence