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Yves Rocher

A well-established brand taking on Amazon

Yves Rocher is a global brand known for its expertise in the field of skincare and plant-based cosmetics. The company has never lost sight of its mission: to make natural, environmentally-friendly and affordable skincare products accessible to all. In addition to its 3,000 physical outlets, Yves Rocher is now a world leader in online cosmetics sales.



years of expertise and innovation in botanical beauty care

82,73 %

online traffic increase

90,92 %

sales increase on Amazon CA (YoY)

8,50 %

improvement in inventory score

Yves Rocher Amazon Canada


A key partnership for the Marketplace strategy

With its range of over 1,000 products recognised and appreciated by consumers, combined with the strength of its brand image, Yves Rocher now wanted to integrate different sales channels into its growth strategy to be accessible to a larger number of consumers.

Though the brand was already present on Amazon, Yves Rocher leaned on Novatize’s expertise to tackle its logistical challenges. With a desire to innovate, the Yves Rocher team wanted to increase its market share on Amazon, but also identify and seize opportunities on other online distribution channels. It is through these achievements that the collaboration between Yves Rocher and Novatize has become a true partnership.


Improve performance on Amazon

The main objectives were to improve the brand’s visibility on Amazon, while increasing the overall performance of the account.

Yves Rocher also wanted to expand its product range by adapting its logistics to circumvent inventory restrictions imposed by Amazon.

Yves Rocher Amazon Canada Mobile
Yves Rocher Amazon Canada Desktop


A healthy account and steady results

Through targeted promotional initiatives, we were able to significantly reduce excess inventory in order to introduce new products to the Yves Rocher range on Amazon. The advertising campaigns implemented have increased the average order value as well as traffic and conversion rates.

Thank you to the Novatize team for the insightful recommendations and actions taken to help us reach our goals!

Lucie Johnson

Digital Director - Yves Rocher